INNOVISION : Fashion Matrix 


TECH Fashion Week ™ 7.0 is Silicon Valley's premier fashion week event showcasing tech disruptors and creators to discover the latest developments in fashion and retail through the lens of technology.

This year’s theme, “ INNOVISON : Fashion Matrix ”, will explore how creative vision and digital infrastructure come together in redefining the fashion landscape of the 21st century. 

The week-long event, which includes educational workshops, digital presentations, panel discussions, immersive experiences and social mixers will highlight the applications of extended realities, retail technology, wearables, big data, blockchain, Internet of Things and sustainability in the fashion ecosystem.

It is a week of opportunity to connect with the innovative and forward-thinking fashion-tech community.

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Showcase your product and get more visibility by meeting professionals in the fashion tech eco-system via SF fashion week’s network.


Panels & workshops with industry leaders will share their stories, advice, and foresight into the future of the fashion and tech cross-over. Learn about what the challenges are and what makes the industry thrive.


Panels and workshops with successful leaders will share their point of views and insights about the current and future of the fashion and tech cross-over. 


Celebrate innovation.  TECH Fashion Week 2019 is the perfect platform for consumers and professionals alike to appreciate the achievements being made in the fash-tech community.